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Polymer concrete rain gutter water trough

polymer concrete rain gutter water trough

The products of polymer resin concrete have the following characteristics
Hard, resistant to impact, pressure and bending polymer resin concrete, can absorb external shocks. Its ability of pressure resistance and resistance is 3 to 5 times stronger than traditional concrete. Chemical-corrosion-resistant have strong resistance to the corrosive chemicals, especially with high acidity or high alkalinity. Its resistance to biological sulphuric acid and acidic soil is particularly good. Biological-corrosion-resistant can prevent parasitism. It doesn’t absorb water and has no capillary, so no organism can survive on its surface to corrode it. Resistance to high temperature and freezing sunning, freezing and thawing have little influence on the structure of the material. With good climate adaptability, even in the most adverse circumstances, it will not have cracks or be damaged. Light and accurate in size :designed thinner than traditional one. The cost of transportation, hoisting, excavation and installation is substantially reduced. The construction time is shortened. Long life and low maintaining costs: In correct way of installing and using, its service life can be extended without limitation if it is matched with the best waterproof materials of joints. Compared with other materials, its average annual cost is very low. Easy to process, install, cohere, drill and cut: The characteristics of being easily cohered and waterproof make it easy process, drill and cut on site, which will not cause any changes of its natural capacity. These advantages will shorten the construction time. Smooth surface and elegant appearance, easy for maintenance: According to the different needs, we can make products with colorful surfaces by adding different pigment. Another service, Surface plating is also provided if required. After plating, it is difficult for sediment to heap on the surface. Cleaning work becomes easy. Don’t worry to damage the surface when bushing it. Green material: It is a product without side-effects on environment and belongs to the second category of green materials. It won’t release hazardous substances in any kind of environment—no chemical residues. It is a kind of ideal green materials, which even is used to seal up chemical waste. In EU, it can be directly used as roadbed material, without worrying it will cause pollution.