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Slot grate Linear drainage channel

Frost resistance.Even used in the snow area under the mountaines,it

won’t have the phenomenon of cracking and damaging. Due to the stable

molecular structure and has good UV resistance,unlike the usual

plastic engineering materials have aging ,embrittlement phenomenons

because of ultraviolet radiation

Watertight performance

The water erosion depth of resin concrete is 0mm.It shows excellent

watertight and non-hydrophilic,the liquid will not penetrate

retention,and reducing the risks of cracking & damaging for the

drains.Due to this superiority,better able to show the acid-base and

corrosion resistance of this products.

4. Cost savings

Due to the unique material ,the U type Resin concrete drains do not

need to apply any surface coating to prevent chemical attack, have

long service life.

Drain surface finish: the surface roughness of resin concrete is small

and roughness coefficient is 0.010. The smooth surface can quickly

drain away water and impurities ,will not accumulate over time caused

by impurities, and hook on the wall of the drains, difficult to clean.

Polyester resins are environmental protection materials, can be rolled

into the gravel re-use, can even as subgrade materials directly, no

pollution environment problems.

Comparison table for Resin concrete and Cement concrete