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Buckle Type Embedded Geogrid
Buckle Type Embedded Geogrid

Buckle Type Embedded Geogrid

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  1. Payment Terms: T/T, L/C At Sight
  2. Package:Pallet Packing or as customer requier
  3. Minimum Order: 1 Unit
  4. Delivery Time: 15 Days - 30Days
  5. Export Markets: North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

The Product Description of Buckle Type Embedded Geogrid

Buckle Type Embedded Geogrid
Embedded Geogrid

Strengthen the subgrade and pavement of various highways, railways, airports, etc
Enhance the permanent bearing foundation of large parking lot and wharf yard
Strengthen the slope protection of the road
Increase culvert stability
Secondary reinforcement of soil slope
Reinforce mine and tunnel
Connection of new and old subgrade in widening and rebuilding Expressway

Through a series of special design of the row type embedded geogrid, the bearing capacity of the grid is greatly improved; through the mutual grip between the soil particles and the row, the interaction between the reinforcement and the soil interface is enhanced, and the overall friction coefficient of the grid is improved.
The rib material of the geogrid has good flexibility and cracking, which can still maintain the performance of the geogrid

There are rough patterns on the surface of grid ribs to enhance the surface roughness

The unique buckle design of the grid node (as shown in the figure) makes the ultimate separation force of the grid node more than 1000N

The mesh composed of vertical and horizontal ribs of the grid is embedded in the soil to achieve the optimal passive impedance force to the soil
It is applied to the sub projects of pit reinforcement, slope protection and bentonite foundation protection of WeiRi expressway
Products PQSG50-50 PQSG80-80 PQSG100-100 PQSG120-120
Longitudinal tensile strength(KN/m) 50 80 100 120
Transverse tensile strength(KN/m) 50 80 100 120
Longitudinal and transverse yield elongation (%)≤ 10
Limit separation force of injection point (N)≥ 1000
Width  (m) 6
Riblet dimensions  (mm) 23±2
Texture of material PP
Appearance Taking the grid node as the center, extending (40 ± 2) mm along both sides of the transverse direction, forming a "I" shape, synchronous injection molding.


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