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PP PET PVA PAN Nylon AR Glass Steel Concrete Fiber
PP PET PVA PAN Nylon AR Glass Steel Concrete Fiber

PP PET PVA PAN Nylon AR Glass Steel Concrete Fiber

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  1. Payment Terms: T/T, L/C At Sight
  2. Package:Pallet Packing or as customer requier
  3. Minimum Order: 1 Unit
  4. Delivery Time: 15 Days - 30Days
  5. Export Markets: North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

The Product Description of PP PET PVA PAN Nylon AR Glass Steel Concrete Fiber

PP PET PVA PAN Nylon AR Glass Steel Concrete Fiber
Concrete Fiber

PP PET PVA PAN Nylon AR Glass Steel Concrete Fiber,polypropylene pp polymer embossed macro monofilament fiber for fiber reinforcd concrete and shotcrete replace steel fiber

1, 100% Virgin Raw Material

2, Wire drawing By Ourself

3, Ten Wire drawing Machine, Ten Cutting Machine, 600Ton/Month, 7000Ton/Year Production

4, 70% Export, Main Export Country :  Ecuador, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey, costa rica, Iran, France, Sri Lanka, Colombia,etc.

5, Concrete Reinforced Application

Concrete Fiber Description:

Concrete Fiber was produced by referring foreign advanced technology for fiber spinning, modified by adding functional additive and special surface-treating. Mixing into cement concrete, it has many advantages such as good dispersing, better water affinity, strong linking force. It is suited to reinforce and crack-resist to every kinds of cement concrete and mortar, specially used in engineering of building surface, floor, wall etc….., We mian have PP fiber, PVA Fiber, PET Fiber, Steel Fiber,Glass Fiber, PAN Fiber,Nylon Fiber etc

    Concrete Fiber Product List 
PP Fiber Shape                                   Main length                                        Features
           6/8/12/16/18/20/24/28mm Etc
.(times of 4mm/6mm with 1mm More or less)
1,Auxiliary reinforced and increase small 
cracking resistance in concrete.
2,Good dispersing,better water affinity, strong linking force,
3,It is suited to reinforce and crack-resist 
 engineering of building surface,floor,wall, etc.
         6/8/12/16/18/20/24/28mm Etc
.(times of 4mm/6mm with 1mm More or less)
                   19mm,48mm,54m 1,Mainly to replace steel fiber.
2,Improve the crack resistance in large scale cement concrete 
(such as industrial workshop,warehouse,parking lot,airport,
underground engineering)
3,Specially suitable for shot-concrete of tunnel,mine etc.
4,Advantages of acid,alkali resistant,excellent tensile,
easy dispersing,good combination and strong bond.

  PVA Fiber                            6mm/12mm High Strength,High Modulus,Substitute for asbestos 
for fiber cement product

  PAN Fiber                            6mm/12mm PAN fiber is an advanced organic fiber aimed at the modern 
projects and constructions.

  PET Fiber                            6mm/12mm polyester fiber Mainly used in Alsphalt Concret 

  Nylon Fiber                6mm/12mm/18mm/20mm  Single 6,, double 6
AR Glass Fiber           6mm/12mm/18mm/24mm/36mm Good Alkaliresistance,high bond strength,high elastic modulus etc.
It is an ideal substance for steel and asbestos in non-structural precast concrete elements.

  Steel Fiber  35mm/40mm/50mm/55mm/60mm  Compared with general concrete. steel fiber concrete  has a
great improvement in tensile strength,Flexural strength,abrasion resistance,impact resistance,fatigue resistance,toughness,crack resistance and antiknock performance.

P Fiber Shape         Inner Packing(PE film bag)        Outer Packing(Plastic Woven bag)    20’gp     40’HQ  
  Monofilament                   0.6/0.9/1.0 kg                           18/20kg   10000kg   20000kg
    Fibrillated                  0.6/0.9/1.0 kg                          12/18kg    5500kg   12000kg
   Twist/Hybrid                      0.5/1.0kg                             10kg     5500kg   12000kg
         Wave                        1.0kg                             10kg     3000kg   7500kg
  Other Fiber  
   PVA Fiber                         ------                           200kgs    12800kg   25600kg
   PAN Fiber                  0.6/0.9/1.0 kg                         18/20kg    8000kgs   16000kgs
   PET Fiber                  0.6/0.9/1.0 kg                         18/20kg    8000kgs   16000kgs
  Nylon Fiber                 0.6/0.9/1.0 kg                        18/20kg    8000kgs   16000kgs
  AR Glass Fiber                          ------                           20kg   18000kgs       ------
    Steel Fiber                          ------                           20kg   20000kgs       ------


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